10 Reasons Why a Garage Door Automatic Opener is the Best Door Opener for You

To many, purchasing and installing a garage door automatic opener in Penrith is what most people say it is ─ a luxury you can afford not to buy. But, while the garage door might seem a little bit unnecessary, it actually goes a long way in reducing stress and saving you money (in the long run). 

Not only that! In Penrith, Owning a garage door automatic opener also makes your security much tighter. Many have testified to the ease these automatic openers bring to their overall safety and way of life. Still, thinking an automatic garage door opener isn’t worth all the hype? Continue scrolling as you discover 10 amazing benefits installing an automatic garage door opener would bring to your garage doors’ lifespan and functionality. 

  1. Energy-saving 
    These automatic door openers can be a little bit too advanced and technical for most homeowners. However, one thing’s certain and that’s the fact that they save you lots of energy in the long run. Seeing as they are manufactured with the latest technology science has, these electronics lifesavers consume less energy than the garage door itself. This means less cumbersome electricity bills and a lot more electricity to go around other appliances. 
  1. They need less maintenance 
    Here’s a fact that has been proven over time, “The less a human touches something, the more it’ll last.” This holds true with automatic garage door openers. The more you let your automatic opener do the opening and closing for you, the less strain you put on the garage door itself. This means your garage door only falters when there’s too much friction between the joints or some other minor problem.
  1. Garage door automatic openers make you less paranoid
    With the latest technology installed in them, automatic garage door openers Penrith are fitted to help any disabled person open and close their garage door without needing third-party help. If you’re the type who just doesn’t want to waste any time pulling up the door only to drive out and come back to pull it down, then the automatic garage door opener would be a perfect fit for you. 
  1. They actually save you money 
    When you think about the countless features and benefits your entire household stands to enjoy from installing an automatic garage door opener, the cost of installing one becomes relatively inexpensive to go for. 
  1. You’re much safer with automatic openers
    Since you won’t be touching your garage door, you don’t have to worry about the door crashing down on something under it or your pets getting caught in between a faulty door. 

Also, if you have a family with a long-term health condition like arthritis or muscle pain, then installing one of these would go a long way in helping them drive to their destinations with ease.

  1. Convenience
    With these automatic openers installed, opening and closing your garage door becomes more like open sesame. You don’t need to leave your children in the car or go out to open your garage door during a heavy downpour. You can do all that with the press of a button.
    Even better! You don’t have to drive all the way back home to close your garage if you suddenly remember you forgot to close it. 
  1. They’re well-equipped with the latest safety systems
    Most of these garage door automatic openers all come with the latest technology installed in them. Some even come with a mobile app that shows you alerts of important events like the last time your garage door was opened, whether or not your garage door is open or not or a security breach. Try getting one that suits your preferences and try out the different features that come with it.
  1. Some automatic garage door openers come with extra lighting 
    Many automatic garage door openers come with pre-installed lighting which illuminates your garage door path. This feature can prove to be very convenient at night and during bad weather ─ when there’s almost no visibility. 
  1. You get a HUGE security buff with automatic garage door openers
    Here’s something you don’t get when operating your garage door manually. Unlike your conventional manual garage doors, automated garage doors come with certain features which allow you to change the rolling code each time the remote is pressed. This gives you a garage door that constantly updates its security code, making it even harder to be hacked/ 
    Another commendable feature manufacturers added is the Vacation mode. This security feature disables the remote controls at your will. This means your door would be accessible only from the inside and not the other way around. The vacation mode feature would serve as a deterrent to phishers and opportunistic burglars as they’d find it harder to break into your house when you’re away on a long trip.
  1. You save time and stress
    With your garage door installed, there’s almost no need to get out of your car or leave your living room to open or check if your door is secured properly. With the mobile app installed on your mobile phone, you could save yourself some time and stress all with a few clicks and the touch of a button. Life just doesn’t get any easier than that don’t you think?
    With these 10 solid reasons why you should give garage door automatic openers a try, we hope we’ve done enough to show you how invaluable this “unnecessary luxury” can be when you have it installed in your garage door in Penrith. Contact us if you have any inquiries about automatic garage door openers. 

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