A detailed step by step guide for sectional overhead door installation

When it comes to garage door installation, you have many options as different garage doors can be installed in your homes, such as rolling steel doors, sectional overhead doors, and more. To provide a high level of security to your garage at a price you can afford, installing sectional overhead doors is very important. Narellan is a town in Australia that is located 60 kilometres southwest of the Sydney central business district. You can find the best professional for installing sectional overhead doors in NarellanBefore hiring the professional, here is the process involved in its installation that you need to know.

Sectional steel doors

This type of door costs less than a rolling steel door that typically floats up and overhead into the building. These doors can typically mount to the vertical face of the wall, but the horizontal track must be supported from the ceiling or roof structure. There are many benefits of installing a sectional steel door, such as: 

  • Sectional steel doors are designed for strength and thermal performance. These doors are capable of withstanding the very worst weather.
  • These doors are designed by considering the security of homeowners. The 40mm thick steel construction of the sectional garage door is one of the most secure designs on the market. 
  • Another benefit of sectional steel doors is they are available in various styles. These door panels are available to order in numerous designs to ensure you can create the perfect style to suit your home. 
  • The vertical lift operation of sectional steel doors is excellent for short driveways. Vertical lift operation is nothing, but it rises vertically within the opening rather than swinging outwards when the door opens and closes.

Process of installing the sectional garage door

 Step 1 – Measure and get a new garage door

The first thing you need to do when installing or removing the old garage door is to measure the height and width of the garage door. You also have to measure the backroom and the headroom that is nothing but the length and the top of the garage opening to the ceiling. The ideal amount of headroom space is 10-12 inches, and the backroom space is the door height plus 18 inches. 

This backroom and headroom space is required for installation and also for the garage door when it is open. Once your professionals get the measurements, they will work with you to pick out your new garage door for installation. 

Step 2 – Remove the old garage door

After getting the measurement, your professionals will disconnect the old door from the trolley or opener. Then removing the garage door spring is the next step of installing a sectional overhead door. Starting from the top, door panels need to be removed one at a time. After this process, the professionals will unscrew the hinges on either side of each panel and detach them from the track. There are many professionals installing sectional overhead doors in Narellanso consider approaching them to get the best and most effective installation service. 

Step 3 – Install the first section

Attaching the rubber stripping to a panel is the next process that will be used as the bottom panel. The stripping will ensure that your garage is insulated well and is fully sealed after the doors are installed. Once the weather stripping is attached, the professional will install the brackets on both sides of the bottom panel and insert them into the door frame. 

They will place the rollers into the hinges and brackets to keep the panel in place. Using a level will ensure the door is perfectly levelled, even if the floor isn’t, because when the door is not levelled, the garage will not be able to open properly. You can close up any gaps between the door and floor by weatherstripping.

Step 4 – Install remaining garage door panels

This step is similar to the previous step. The professionals will install the brackets and hinges on the 2nd door panel and insert the section into the door frame above the bottom panel. After this, they will insert the rollers to keep the panel in place and then repeat with the remaining door panels.

Step 5 – Install track and tighten rollers

After placing the garage door panels, tighten the rollers and hinges to the track. The trick that they will follow is not tightening the rollers too tight because they will need to be able to move up and down the track without friction freely. And you have to make sure that the vertical track is securely tightened into the wall and then begin installing the upper tracks. Attach the track to perforated angle irons to keep the tracks in place after connecting the vertical and upper tracks.

Step 6 – Attach springs and connect the opener

This process will vary based on the proper accompanying springs and cables. To ensure safety, the springs and cables should be properly installed. After attaching the springs, cables, hinges, and brackets, the professionals will connect the garage door opener to the new garage door. It is also necessary to lubricate the metal parts of the garage door system and open the garage automatically.

Closing thoughts

If you are looking for a professional garage door installation service, consider hiring the people for installing sectional overhead doors in Narellanas they provide the service at a cost-effective price. By following the process as mentioned above, you can effectively install your sectional overhead doors at the most effective cost. To enjoy effective usage, you have to approach the professional to install them correctly. 

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