Garage door automatic opener troubleshooting

If you’ve ever resided somewhere where you had to park your car outdoors, you understand how useful having a garage is. Parking your vehicle outside exposes it to the surroundings, which can cause a variety of difficulties.

However, when you start having garage door opener problems, the convenience rapidly fades. Your garage door is the largest moving element in your house, and it is used numerous times each day, at any time of day or night, and in all seasons. You must do regular preventative upkeep and management on your garage door to keep it running properly for seasons to come. It may be hard to cope with a garage door automatic opener that does not respond to the remote.

You can keep your garage door running well by following a few easy tips and methods. Let’s take a closer look at garage door maintenance recommendations that you can easily use to keep your garage door in good working order.

  1. Watch and Listen

The most essential preventive measure you can take is to watch your garage door in action each time you use it. Is it going smoothly or noiselessly in places? Is it silent, or does it produce grinding or dragging noises? Do all sides of the system (springs, pulleys, and cables) appear balanced?


It may only take you around 10 minutes every year, but lubricating your garage door’s moving parts will help it endure for a long time. When it comes to reducing noise and keeping your residential garage door opening and shutting smoothly, a tiny bit of lubricant may make a significant impact. Coat the opener’s chain or drive a screw with lubrication spray. Lubricant can also be applied to the overhead springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.

  1. Tighten the Hardware

Because a garage door opens and shuts numerous times a day, the hardware is prone to becoming loose with time. In reality, the average overhead door opens and shuts over a thousand times every year, and all of this movement may cause different areas to loosen gradually. Check the hardware regularly and fix any loose components, or contact any Garage Door Automatic Opener company in Penrith to have professionals check over your hardware for you.

  1. Test the balance of the garage door

If a garage door is not properly balanced, the overhead section has to work more which is one of the reasons why the garage door does not last as long. You must evaluate the balance of your garage door to extend the life of your opener and maintain your door. Simply pull the release handle to detach the opener. Secondly, physically open the door partially. If the door is properly balanced, it will remain in this configuration without your aid. However, if it goes up or down on one side or the other, the springs must be adjusted. It is advisable to contact professionals who deal with  Garage Door Automatic Openers in Penrith to ensure the perfect balance.

  1. inspect the auto-reverse safety feature

Mechanical and photocell mechanisms are used in this feature. Place a block of wood or a brick on the floor in the route of the doorway to test the mechanical function. When the door comes into contact with that object, it should reverse direction and return to the top. Close your door and just move your leg in the passage of the door to test the second, photoelectric system with beams on either side. Your door should be in the reverse position.

If your Garage Door Automatic Opener in Penrith is more than twenty years old, it may lack these fundamental safety protections, and it is important to get it changed.

  1. Examine the Cables

You shouldn’t ever interfere with the high-tension cables that raise your door since they are powerful enough to physically harm you. However, you may inspect their state to determine when it is necessary to contact a professional. Examine the bottom roller bracket for broken strands and damage.

  1. Weather-stripping must be replaced

If the rubber weather seal strip at the base of your door is brittle or broken, replace it immediately to keep the elements out. Weather-stripping is available in hardware and home improvement stores by the foot. Simply cut to size and place the broad angle of the flange inside the door into the grooves.

  1. groom Your Garage Door

Don’t forget to look at the overall condition of your door. Water damage and warp, as well as chipped and peeling paint, will need to be examined on wood doors. Steel doors may have rust areas that require sanding, priming, and painting. Wash your garage door using a moderate all-purpose cleaner regularly, just as you do your automobile. The other best option is to switch on the automatic options like Garage Door Automatic Opener in Penrith, this opener might reduce half of your stress.

Keep in mind that your garage door accounts for almost one-third of the outside of your home, so keep it looking fresh and clean. If you don’t have time to perform this type of check-up, contact a Pernith garage door specialist to arrange a tune-up service call.

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