Repair Or Replace: What To Do When Your Roller Door Does Not Work As It Should?

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In case of an ill-functioning roller door, immediate action is required; but how to tell if your roller door requires a quick repair or a full replacement? In most cases, if you are confused between the two options, chances are that replacement will be a better choice; however, you would not want to spend hundreds of dollars just for a hinge fix. Inspect your roller doors and use this guide to determine if you need a door repair or a door replacement.

1. When to Repair Your Roller Door

A sudden breakdown of your roller door might be indicative of the fact that the issue is isolated and is not the result of wear and tear over the years. When this is not the case, the fix is easier. Commonly, the problem could either be with the springs or with the lifting motor and you should call a professional service that provides roller doors repairs in Camden. They can help you diagnose the problem for you and can repair it, saving you plenty of time.

Moreover, check the batteries in your roller door remote and only seek professional help after making sure that replacing the batteries is not the solution.

The issue is not serious if your roller door has a damaged or dented panel. Repairing any isolated damage to your roller doors is as affordable and simple as swapping a panel. The process is pretty painless and does not demand a total replacement.

However, it is crucial to act quickly to get the panel replaced so the cracks do not spread. This will also keep the repair as cost-effective as possible. On the other hand, if you are replacing more than a few panels then it is not any cheaper than a door replacement, as multiple isolated damages affect the integrity of your roller doors over time.

Heavy roller doors signal worn-out springs and that you might need a spring repair. The issue is common if the doors have been in use for a few years. The torsion springs used in roller doors can wear down with use, unable to hold the weight of the door. This affects the lift mechanism of your roller doors. However, the issue is a quick fix that involves a simple replacement of the springs. Call roller doors repairs in Camden as soon as you notice the lag in the lift mechanism.

LEANING ROLLER DOOR                    
If one side of your roller doors is lower than the other, you have an imbalanced door. The reason is that your door is putting increased stress on the lift mechanism, speeding up its wear and tear. The fix is quite similar to the one with a heavy door. Getting both the springs of your door replaced and rehanging the door will solve the issue. In severe cases, you will have to get the lifting mechanism replaced.

2.When to Replace Your Roller Door

If addressed properly, sudden problems are most often repairable; however, issues that are neglected for an extended time will most likely require a total replacement.  When minor issues, such as ill-functioning hinges or lifting mechanisms get ignored then it is time to replace your roller doors. If the service offering roller doors repairs in Camden tells you that the problem is beyond repair, you can request to see the damage first to make an informed decision. Though, do keep in mind that roller doors that have repeated problems can also become a safety hazard. So replacing a door with repeated troubles is not only cost-effective and time-saving but safer too.

Significant damage to your roller doors should not be repaired because it might be cheaper to replace the door altogether instead of paying for multiple fixes. For example, if the door has multiple damaged panels or a tree fall has caused damage to your garage roller door, then a repair would not be enough to fix the issue. Moreover, the cost of getting a new door will be cheaper and more affordable than repairing it in portions or getting an entirely new door system.

An aged roller door system not only requires frequent maintenance but also affects the value of the house. Old doors have recurring repair issues and the fact that they are old makes it easier for intruders to break into, making the door a security threat as well. Spending money on cosmetic damages such as rusted areas or overall paint to keep it aesthetically appealing is important but it can be wasted money if there are major structural issues in the door. Therefore, it would be highly cost-effective and time-efficient to replace it with a new roller door.

Old roller doors lack security features which can make them hazardous for both, your vehicle and family. A burglar can break the lifting mechanism or can use a universal remote to access the door allowing the burglar to break into the house. Similarly, outdated technology such as the lack of sensor embedded control system in your roller door can pose a threat to your kids and pets. In such cases, you would want to replace your door with a modern one that comes with improved security features and child safety sensors. Sensors detect a pet or a child under the door and halt the door closing process. Door replacement might be the best course of action if the door has been broken through.


Commonly, it is more cost-effective to repair cosmetic damages while structural damages demand a door replacement, depending upon the extent of the problem. However, functionality remains the key focus here. A roller door’s lifespan can extend up to several years if maintenance work is performed at least once a year. Remember to hire a professional for roller door repairs in Camden.

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