Tips for cleaning roller doors

Roller Doors

Roller doors are a type of windows or doors that consist of horizontal slats. Roller doors open by being pushed upward and close when they are dragged downwards. These types of doors are primarily used in shops, garages, and other properties for security purposes.

Cost of Roller doors

The average cost of a roller door in Penrith ranges anywhere from $300 to $1000 and upwards. This cost depends on the material of the roller door, the mechanism of its operation, and its size.

The most used material for a roller door is steel. It is the most suitable and secure material that can be used for a roller door, given that its primary purpose is to provide protection against intruders. The price of roller doors varies based on their mechanism and as well as size. Needless to say, a manually operated door is cheaper than an automatic one, and a smaller one costs less than a big one used for commercial purposes.

Roller doors in Penrith

The use of roller doors has increased, and now these doors are readily available everywhere. We are among the top suppliers of roller doors in Penrith and strive to provide the best combination of sale, purchase, installation, and maintenance for roller doors.


Maintaining a roller door.

Like everything present in your house, roller doors also need proper maintenance. The most crucial part of maintaining a roller door is its cleaning, here we discuss some tips that can help you keep your doors in top-notch condition.


  1. Do not use the detergent directly
    It is always better to rinse the roller doors with clean, cool water before applying detergent. Rinse the door before washing to prevent scratches on the doors.
  1. Rinse the door properly after washing
    The soap or detergent applied on the door should always be washed off completely because any leftover detergent can harm the quality and luster of your door. It is always better to rinse the door with clean water after washing to ensure no soap is left.
  1. Wash the door externally and internally
    You should make sure to clean both sides of the door, whether the door is exposed to dirt or not. Leaving any side unclean will hamper the durability of your door. Many people forget to clean the inside of the door, thinking that it is clean and not exposed to the outside dirt, but this side will eventually start corroding and damage the other side.
  1. Dust out all the dirt
    A daily dusting of your door is something anyone in the house can do easily. If the door is left uncleaned for more than a few days, the dirt gets collected on the door, and it will take extra time and hard work to clean. It is also beneficial to your pocket as continuous deposition of dust will lead to the need for good service that is costly.
  1. Washing your door regularly
    Washing your roller door is dependent on the area in which you are living. Roller doors in rainy regions do not need regular washing, while the ones in dry areas need frequent washing to maintain their quality. In rainy areas, washing the door twice or thrice a week is sufficient. If you live near the sea, proper attention should be given to cleaning these doors because salt may accumulate on the door and affect the mechanism of the door.
  1. Read the manual carefully
    Many companies provide proper instructions about cleaning the roller doors in their manuals. Proper methods for cleaning each part of the door separately, along with the equipment needed to clean the doors are advised in these manuals, which is why it is important for you to go through them carefully.
  1. Prevent water from entering the motor
    The motor is considered the most sensitive part of a roller door. It needs to be protected from water; if water enters the motor, it will cause the motor to fail, leading to the loss of warranty.
  1. Avoid using any abrasive material for cleaning
    The best method of cleaning a roller door is with warm soapy water and avoiding using any abrasive material. The use of abrasive materials can hamper the mechanical properties of the roller doors and can also cause some serious damage to your door’s appearance. It is better and easier to use a simple sponge and soapy water to clean the door regularly.
  2. Removing any scratches
    At times, the paint on the roller doors gets scratched, which becomes a source of the accumulation of dirt in it. These scratches should be cleared by using a scratch remover, the paint on the scratch is removed, and the door is cleaned with a dry cloth; after this, the scratch is smoothened, and the excess is again removed with a dry cloth.


In short, doors are an essential part of any property, and they need to be well maintained for long-term use. When you are searching for a type of door that can withstand all kinds of climatic conditions, whether heavy winds, heavy rains, or even hurricane, roller doors are considered the safest option. Roller doors in Penrith are also suitable for security purposes as any burglar cannot easily break through a steel roller door.


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